Welcome to the "watch home niuwatch" website (under the Hong Kong Watch House Co., Ltd.) (http://www.niuwatch.com). Founded on April 12, 2016, niuwatch.com is a watch portal site that integrates shopping, media and community properties. Most of its watch sharing sections are sourced from netizens, and daily through the website Itself, the table home to share push watch homework. Table home is committed to become love watch consumers in the eyes of "watch lovers watch the first stop," around the less is more concept, for all watch consumer spending scene, a one-stop entrance to provide more efficient consumer decisions . We believe in serious power

With the rapid development of the Internet, online shopping has gradually become an integral part of the lives of netizens. More and more users began to try online shopping watch, how to risk-free buy iuwa to good products, many users are confused, and not just see the "soft article", but a simple and honest to share homework. The purpose of the "watchmaker" is to help watch users control the risk of online shopping watches while introducing as much cost-effective watch products as possible so that everyone can buy it without distressing and spending money equal to saving money.
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